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Free Theme-Stone Structure

Untitled by victry1
Untitled, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I bet you all thought I just quit! Haha. 🙂 Fooled ya. I really miss doing this. Part of the reason was difficulty being able to focus on even thinking about taking a picture. The other part was so little time to visit the other blogs, which I like to do. But, I have found that I can use Flipboard on my iPad to access Google Reader. That would be quite helpful. Hope it works out.

Anyway-to the photo. I live in a very small town in NW NJ. It is 2.2 square miles and I found this structure while walking the dogs. It houses a water fountain. I don’t imagine it was originally built to do that, but it seems nice to get out of the hot sun to get a cool (hopefully) drink of water. Taken on my iPhone and processed with Picture Show.


Gold…..en Retrievers

We had our local St. Patty’s day parade over the weekend. Of course, Irish Wolfhounds are well represented and one came by to visit our Seeing Eye pups. He was well received and the pups were very curious about him. I couldn’t resist the shot of all these goldens nosing up to him.  If you look carefully, you will see a lone shepherd trying to sneak in there. 🙂  I tried so hard to post this from my phone or ipad but it went to my previous blog.  Aaaargh!  iPhone photo.


Tree again

When I first posted the tree, it was supposed to be 2 pictures with an explanation of how I passed it every day without a camera and finally just used my phone.  Unfortunately, the Word Press app is very uncooperative and NOT user friendly.  Anyway, here is the other pic-same pic, but processed differently.  I didn’t do much to this one, but, can’t remember exactly what it was now.  I loved Ellen’s comparison to the ENTs of LOTR fame-very apt.

Took a break today for dinner at the local Cracker barrel. They must not want their customers to get bored while waiting for their food as they provide these little peg games at every table. It’s a rare day I get down to one peg. 🙂

Taken at Cracker Barrel with my iPhone.

More from Food for Thought

I thought you might enjoy seeing the photos published by the photographer mentioned in my previous post. They are viewable full screen. I found them a nice reminder that our boys and girls are still over there and it does lend a more intimate picture of war.

Food for Thought

Recently a NY Times photojournalist won an award for his work in Afghanistan.  This created some controversy because the pictures were taken with his iPhone, using the Hipstamatic app.  Here’s an article I came across with contrasting viewpoints on whether he should have received the award because of the equipment he used.  A lot of us here do use the iPhone quite a bit for our blog postings, with some using it exclusively, so I thought it might be of interest. My personal thought is, if the image isn’t altered in a way that changes the fact of what was shot, it’s no different than any other editing that might be done-changing light, contrast, color, etc. But, that’s just me and we all will have our own perspective.

Here is an example of a personal photo taken using the Hipstamatic app:
<a href="Marionette“>

241 Remembrance

Today, I had the sad task of attending a memorial service for my nephew who passed away last week.  There were some beautiful flowers there, but I only took one of a white rose with my phone.  Not because he was young-he was 49, but because he was a kind, gentle soul despite many hardships in life. Processed in Iris Photo Suite.

235 RED

This little guy took refuge in the frozen rhododendron bush outside my window.  He was in a quest to stay warm and I hope he succeeded.Taken with my T1i and cropped and adjusted in Aperture 3.

144 Hiding

I’ve walked past here many times and have NEVER once seen this little shack.  I guess now with no foliage, of course, it stands out a bit, but is still well hidden.  Taken with my iPhone, boosted color with Essentials 3, added a sepia tone in PSE6 and brushed away in the center and slightly around the shack.Initially, I was thinking of this as weathered as it is in more than one way, but I think hiding suits it better.